Coca Cola Can Collection - Collection de canettes de Coca Cola

I am now trying to create a MySQL database with all the cans of my collection. It takes some time but that will allow me make a more dynamic site.


My name is Olivier Salzard. I live in France, near Paris.

Welcome to my site.

It is mainly dedicated to my Coca Cola can collection.

    You will find :
  • Huge galleries of photos of my cans, ordered by countries and years
  • A trade list

A page is also dedicated to football.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

What's new here ?

15 June 2008
Yeah ! Almost one year ....
New cans from Japan
5 July 2007
Japan : Olympic Poster set complete
4 nice Japanese cans added... including an incredible 500ml can with Mt Fuji
3 May 2007
Japan : new page for the festival sets
Some nice Japanese cans added...