What I collect :

Coca Cola cans since early 80's. In the beginning I started to collect any kind of cans (Beer, soda, fruit juice...) but I quickly had to make a choice : because of an obvious lack of place, I now collect only Coca Cola cans. (But the lack of place reapears...)

You will find here :

Many Coca Cola brands :

  • Coca Cola (Coke)
  • Coca Cola Light (Diet)
  • Coca Cola Caffeine free
  • Cherry Coke
  • Coca Cola Light Lemon
  • Vanilla Coke
  • ...

But :

I am less interested in Lemon, Cherry or Vanilla cans. Common cans are also not collected anymore (except in some particular cases such as gifts or unusual countries)

I do not care if the can is in steel or aluminium, I only collect one. (most of the French sets could be collected twice)

The city in which the can is made does not make a difference for me. (many US or Chinese sets could be collected two, three or even more times!!)

THIS IS NOT A CATALOGUE All the pictures of cans are original ones taken by me and not saved from any other site. No bullshit, no boring list - It is in my collection ? You see the picture. Enjoy !